Our Research and Services

Our research approach lie at the intersection between social physics (people), building physics (buildings) and urban physics (city).

Urban Physics

Urban Acoustic, Urban Comfort and Air Quality

Urban Dynamic

Mobility and Accesibility

Sustainable Design and Development

Sustainable Transformations

Energy Efficiency

Natural Ventilation and HVAC System

Building Aerodynamic

Natural Ventilation

Building and Urban Technologies

Interaction and technology

Wind and Solar Technologies

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What our mentors says

about Dr. Jorge Isaac Perén Montero, leader of SusBCity:

"He is extremly creative and has a great potential to develope new technologies".

Brenda Chavez Coelho Leite

Prof. Dr. ir. at University of Sao Paulo - USP (Brazil)


"He is one of the most promising young academicians in his field and he is considered among the top 5 % of scholars at a similar stage in their career in the same or related areas".

Bert Blocken

Prof. Dr.ir. at TU/e (The Netherland)


"He is an excellent, extremely motivated, ambitious and talented researcher".

Twan van Hooff

Dr.ir. FWO Research Fellow at Department of Civil Engineering KU Leuven (Belgium)