Our Research Areas

Our research approach lies at the intersection between social physics (people), building physics (buildings) and urban physics (city).

Urban Physics

Urban Acoustic, Urban Comfort and Air Quality

Urban Dynamic

Urban Mobility and Accesibility

Sustainable Design and Development

Sustainable Transformations

Energy Efficiency

Material, Thermal Comfort and HVAC System

Building Aerodynamic

Natural Ventilation

Building and Urban Technologies

Interaction and Technology

Recent Research

Our recent research highlights the relevant building parameters for increasing cross-ventilation such as (i) roof inclination, (ii) roof geometry, (iii) eave location and angle, and (iv) inlet outlet opening ratio.
In addition, regarding natural cross-ventilation, important findings about single-span leeward sawtooth roof buildings with 12 m depth and single-span with 6 m depth with the same roof geometry type were pointed out.

CFD simulations

"The validation study shows that the SST k-u turbulence model provides the most accurate results..."


Roof Geometry

"The internal air flow and the volume flow rate show a clear dependency on the roof geometry."


Roof Inclination

"The indoor air flow pattern changes with changing roof inclination angle."


Double-span Roof Geometry

"reducing the opening ratio from 1 to 0.5...increases the volume flow rate".


Volume Flow Rate

"To improve the volume flow rate the roof inclination angle must be considered"


Eaves configuration

"The eaves can significantly increase the volume flow rate."


Outlet-opening geometry

"The building geometry near the outlet-opening plays an important role in the ventilation."


Outlet Opening Position

"The vertical position of the outlet opening slightly increase the volume flow rate."


Our Research at Building Scale

Our multidisciplinary team develops a wide range of research projects in the building scale.
Some research fields are:

Building Envelope

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Building Ocupancy

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Building Technology

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